About AMT


Artistic Massage Therapy was started by NJ Licensed Massage Therapist Billy Atwell in the fall of 2013. Having graduated with Honors from The Academy of Massage Therapy in Jersey City, NJ in 2009 and coming off of a busy four year tenure as a Top 5 Requested and Pre-Booked Therapist in the Massage Envy franchise, Atwell has decided to take matters into his own hands (no pun intended) and pursue his vision of health and wellness with a samurai flair. After years of putting up with corporate HQ pressuring for the sale of upscale treatments and superficial accoutrements, Atwell wants to use his talents to fundamentally improve the lives and comfort of his clients.


“Bottom line is that I am in this to help people. Serious S-curve scoliosis, arthritis, fused vertebrae, forward rotated computer posture, lower back sciatic nerve issues and that old football or distance running injury stuff. Somehow doing fluffy foot treatments and scripted hot/cold lotion therapies took valuable time away from my strongest skill set, deep tissue and myofascial release massage, assisted stretching and range of motion liberation. While the use of hot stones and sugar scrub add-ons in a spa environment may give some people the warm and fuzzies, not to mention costing them more, performing these services made me feel like a Navy SEAL writing traffic tickets.”


Fortunately Atwell is as passionate as ever about healing, massage and anatomy. “It is an echo that I tell my clients, 'It may be work, but it is never a chore.'”


New Jersey location presently closed as of October 1st, 2016. 

Thanks to everyone who made the business a great success!!!