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Hey there. Don’t mean to wear you out when you’re busy updating your FB page, Tweeting, taking a selfie or dashing to Starbucks but I wanted to share this word with you.                                             


 “Fa”, like “do re mi FA so la ti do.”

“Scia”, like “SHUcks, y’all.”

 For those of you that take the time to read this you will be handsomely rewarded with not only more insight into your own anatomy but a more complete understanding as to why you should immediately book a session with me.

 First off, let me ask you, have you ever had a massage that left you feeling like you were a cake that just got frosted? That somehow you could have relaxed more reading a book than surrendering your hard earned cash and an hour or so of your time in this mortal coil (that you’ll never get back) for some bodywork? I bet you have. I know I have.

 There is a reason for that. Odds are the therapist was either not focusing on or was completely unaware of the fascia system in the body. Fascia is a hot word indeed and will be on everyone’s tongue (if it’s not already) like “fibromyalgia” and “gluten-free”. I work on folks who have fibro and I have nothing against vegans, carnivores or the gluten-free. But when the medical world and perhaps Oprah herself start slinging these buzzwords and generalities around, remember it was I who cared the most and set you off, properly informed, on this very web page. Onward…

 Fascia is a collagen, protein-based, spider webby spool that rolls from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. It’s kind of like an internal fishnet stocking with layers interwoven and stacked. It exists superficially between the skin and the muscles themselves, goes around the muscles (like a sausage casing) and around your vital organs. Perhaps this is why when you HAVE had an effective massage there were sensations reaching to the most peculiar areas of your body. Manipulating the tissue can be somewhat like tugging on the threads of a marionette. The fascial planes are long and sometimes complicated and the way you walk or favor your right leg can create a twist that affects your lower back and your opposing left shoulder. I’m not kidding.  Scar tissue is a difficult but treatable prospect in helping recover from new and old invasive surgeries. 

In a perfect situation (having a TOTALLY stress-free job, no kids to send to college or a good standing with the IRS) one can hope to resemble this image:


(continued in next column)


(continued from previous column)

Seriously, SERIOUSLY think about your posture at work, carrying newborns (let alone the actual pregnancy!), tension relieving aggressive sports hobbies. Like tennis. I am not down on tennis players but stay close while I elaborate (it’s a WV thing). Given that your body is 50 to 75% water and given that tennis is a dominant hand dominated sport, can you imagine what slamming that overhead serve does to your fascia? It’s like a half-assed fight where someone grabs your right sleeve and ruins your sweater. I can help. And bicyclists. Heavens! Cranking those gears bent over with your head careening up and into the headwind? With one leg ever so subtly (or not) doing most of the work? Dozens of miles per week? Again, I can help.

If it’s still not clear to you and you aren’t terribly squeamish, watch this video. There’s no bleeding and chest cavities being opened but rather a lot of microscopic details of this crazy, stretchy component in the body that plays into your true state of wellness.

 I hope this has been helpful and informative to you. Most importantly I hope it has given you some insight into what I can offer you versus a more highly marketed and contracted corporate massage experience. I am one therapist with two hands, a creative edge, a plethora of modalities at my disposal to help you, and an Honor’s status from my school of training. I’m not fooling around here and GREATLY welcome the opportunity to help you.

 First time clients can book an hour at my Hopewell, NJ office for $75 and get a free half hour upgrade to make your session 90 minutes. More than likely you will find you are more compromised than you realize and will be glad for the extra time (again, at no extra charge). I want to bring a new level of awareness to you where your body, aches and pains are concerned and exactly how I can continue to help you going forward.

 Thanks for reading and for your time.

- Billy

So back to the metaphors. Imagine these red lines are a piece of wrapping ribbon. Now while twisting the ribbon on a package may create a nice touch I want you to think of your body. How do you think you’d feel on a daily basis if your habits of motion became posture and ultimately structure by flipping one end of the fascial plane? From sitting hunched over a workstation all day. Driving 90 minutes each way to and from work with one arm on the wheel (Let’s not forget those feet working the pedals…”Gas and Brake Pedal Blues” I call it. Nothing Robert Johnson sang about but is it EVER a drag!) Or having just enough extra weight that your weak abdominals cause you to walk with your feet frayed out at 10am and 2pm. Are you with me? Look at your most utilized shoes and how they are worn. Uneven? Hmmm.,,

 To further illustrate the point make note of this picture. It represents what is called the Spiral Line. This is what the body looks like in anatomical position when none of the aforementioned list of woes are part of your day to day lifestyle.