"I have tried many massage places in my life. I say places because that includes franchised facilities as well as individual therapists. I have tried most of them several times and went looking elsewhere. The story is very different with Billy. The massage is a true manual therapy session that is not only tailored to me but to the condition that my body is in at the time of the session. That's as unique of an experience as I could ever hope for and results that are better than I have ever seen with a massage therapist. Billy tailors every session to your current needs, without sacrificing an overall plan of wellness over the course of several sessions. I highly recommend Artistic Massage Therapy."  – Helen 

"I am a metastatic breast cancer survivor. Despite 5 years of physical therapy, I never had full range of motion in my left shoulder and left arm due to a lot of scar tissue and trauma from the mastectomy, lymph node removal, and radiation to the chest wall. After only (2) ninety minute therapeutic massage sessions with Billy, I finally have full range of motion on my left side and feel relief from pain and stiffness. Billy has "healing hands" and is professional, thorough in treating pain points, open, caring, conscientious, and has been a godsend in improving my quality of life." - Debbie P.

"Absolutely the best massage Groupon I've ever purchased and the only one I've actually gone back to and paid full price. He gets to the root of any pain and you feel amazing afterwards. Beyond highly recommended!!" - J. L. 

"What can I say? Billy Atwell has taken massage to a whole new level. This is not a pampering experience, but true physical therapy. I've received many massages over the years, and have gone to many of the local chains (Massage Envy, Luxe,etc) but once I started getting regular massages at Artistic Massage, I began to feel better than I have in years. I guess that's what happens when a professional drummer decides to go to work on bodies. Check it out. You won't be disappointed." – Deb 

 "Hands-down the best massage you'll ever have! I have tried many different [massage therapists] over the last ten years, in an attempt to find one that truly understands how to alleviate my tension build up (I stand all day when teaching, crane my neck over books while studying, overwork my forearms with incessant typing, and run around after my three young children). A friend told me that once I received a massage with Billy, I wouldn't even dream of trying any place else - and she was right! Billy is an intuitive therapist who will truly understand what your body needs in order to give you the best possible massage. He radiates positive energy, anatomical expertise, and a dedication to his craft. His studio is always clean and inviting, which makes it so easy to relax and feel at peace before the massage even begins. Don't wait to schedule an appointment - your body and mind will thank you!" – Tatiana 
"Billy took the time to explain to me how connective tissue can cause pain in other areas of ones body.  After an intense myofascial massage, the pain in my shoulder blade was gone as well as the pull I was feeling behind my knee. Each visit is less intense and my muscles feel rejuvenated. If stress in your life is causing you tension in your body, I strongly suggest you visit Billy and let his artistic massage help remedy your aches and pains." - Ann 

"Wow! I've had many good massages before, but this was an *outstanding* deep tissue massage. Excellent technique and great firm pressure to work out the knots and muscle tension. Would highly recommend!!" - Karen 

 "I felt so restful after my massage, the next day I was in such a great place I kept telling everyone about my massage. It's really great to have a massage by someone who knows their craft, who is generous with their time and who creates a space of effortless relaxation and release. I look forward to my next visit." - Sarojini 

"I was extremely pleased with my session at Artistic Massage Therapy. As an athlete with a desk job, it was eye opening to see and feel the effects of years of wear and tear on the body through Billy's Myofascial release techniques. However the massage was just what my body needed- it felt like very purposeful work. I appreciated Billy taking the extra time and putting in the extra effort to customize the massage to exactly what I needed. As a person who appreciates a deeper massage and a more therapeutic approach (rather than a spa/relaxation feel) this was the perfect massage for me. I booked my second appointment immediately after because of how beneficial it was. Definitely recommend!" - Kyle 
"Highly recommend this therapist. His technique combines several different modalities that add up to an outstanding massage. I was a massage therapist for 23 years and have had a difficult time finding a therapist so thorough and professional until now." - Dori 


"​Billy is a very unique massage therapist in that he has the gift of being able to 'zero in' on the areas that need the most help. This massage was intense but was what my muscles needed for relief of my fibromyalgia pain. He was 100% committed to helping me and made me feel as if he truly cared about my health and well-being. Billy is a true artist...besides his gift of healing hands he is a good listener, a talented painter (his artwork is hanging up in his space), and musician. Highly recommend....he has a gift!" - Diane

"This was easily the best massage I have ever had. I don't even know what else to say; just perfect. Don't even take my word for it, purchase [a session] and see for yourself. It will be money well spent." - Courtney 

"The best massage possible! Billy is truly gifted healer. No way will go anywhere also. Do not think anybody would after trying Artistic Massage Therapy with Billy."
- Yaryna 

"Billy is a wonderful massage therapist artist!!! Give yourself a gift and book with him soon!!!" - Connie 

"My 90 minute session with Billy was the best massage I've EVER had! Billy is very skilled with both the myofascial release and the massage. He knew just the right amount of pressure to apply, working out different degrees of kinks and knots I have on my back, along my neck and shoulders. The stretching was really helpful too. Great techniques and observant. Very talented healer! I felt like a new person afterwards, like I was all tuned up!" - Katy 

"Excellent massage. One of the very best I've ever had anywhere." - Denise 

"Wow! I've had many good massages before, but this was an *outstanding* deep tissue massage. Excellent technique and great firm pressure to work out the knots and muscle tension. Would highly recommend!!" - Karen 

"This was truly the best massage I have received in a very long time! I am a marathoner who used to receive massages every week but since moving to the area I have not found anyone that can find the "spots" and make me feel so aligned in just one session. Not only did he work on all my sore spots but I suffer from severe migraines. Tonight, I can honestly say my head does not hurt." - Jennifer 

"Billy is one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to. He listened carefully when I told him where I was experiencing pain and reduced range of motion. He really is very detailed. He worked on those areas with massage and stretching and I feel much better. Highly recommend this place." - Jane 

"I have never experienced a more professional, comprehensive, and satisfying massage than the exceptional experience provided by Billy. His total body massage went beyond traditional deep tissue to therapeutic and restorative. Billy quickly identified trouble areas and expertly tended to delivering relief. Looking forward to my next appointment. Highly recommended for long lasting results!" - Stacey

"Billy is amazing! He knows so much about the body and really takes into account what your lifestyle is like. I told him I'm an avid yoga practitioner and he tailored my session perfectly with that in mind. I will definitely be returning. Thanks Billy!" - Alexis 

"I felt great after my massage! 90 minutes was a real treat!" - Jill 

"I have had multiple professional massages but this was one of the most thorough and effective to date. Exceptional attention to detail and effective therapy. I left feeling taller than ever due to the release of tension. Cannot rate higher." - Christopher

"Wow. A bit of an unconventional spa setup, but Bill knows his stuff. I don't know if I've ever had a massage by anyone so attuned to my physiological and emotional states. I'd also never had a 90-minute session - and 90 minutes is the *only* way to go, from here on out. Thanks, Bill, for a genuinely transformational massage." - Krys · 

"Wow! This is not your garden variety massage. You will receive attention and energy for exactly what ails you. Billy is a true therapist and healer. You will be back for more! Massage is not his job, it's his passion. One of the best massages I've ever had. Looking forward to my next session!" - Jen 

"Recently took 90 minute massage therapy. I had some back pain issue and the massage was very relaxing and i feel much better now. Billy also has a nice collection of paintings. Would definitely like to go in future again." - Roshan 

"I just had a massage from Billy, he is amazing! He is the answer to my prayers to find someone that talented and skilled, and so close by in Hopewell. I've had massages for over 30 years and Billy is one of the best massage therapists I've ever received bodywork from. He addressed my problems from a structural point of view, and I'm able to stand taller and with both feet on the ground now. Thanks again, Billy!" - Denise

"I accumulated many years of upper and lower back tension. I didn't know how serious the issue got until I saw Billy Atwell. I'm pretty athletic, love to play volleyball and have always stayed fit for the past 15 years, but I'm so glad I found him because my muscles were so tight that I didn't realize it was causing my shoulders to pull downwards. I've had deep tissue massages and therapeutic massages in the past, but never with someone like Billy because he really understands the muscular makeup of the body. He was able to isolate my tension and after a series of massages every two weeks, my arm mobility and flexibility has improved drastically. Not only that, my tension has been relieved. Now I incorporate massages into my fitness routine because I actually feel it has improved my overall well-being and athleticism. If you want results, I highly recommend him. One session with him and you will find out he is very focused and passionate about what he does and very intuitive about the body. In my book, he's definitely worth every penny." - Yvonne

"A good massage should leave you feeling like you've been given a new body! Billy is an extraordinary massage therapist, who leaves me feeling that way. His work is very therapeutic and healing and he has an excellent knowledge of the anatomy. As a woman I feel very comfortable and relaxed with him working on my body. I've had massages all over the world, of various techniques, over many years. I would rate Billy's bodywork as the best restorative deep tissue massage I've had ever! I thoroughly recommend him!" - Lydia

"The massage was truly artistic: detail-oriented, therapeutic, & individualized. It's clear he has both intuitive and trained knowledge of the body, & how to address specific needs. My massage therapist search is over; I can't recommend highly enough!" - Naomi

"Very high quality massage and really artistic as well given the art on the walls. Billy is excellent and handled my post-rotator cuff surgery (11 weeks out) very well. I highly recommend and plan to return." - Barb

"I've had many massages in my life. This guy was probably the best. Very professional and definitely knows what he is doing." - Kim

"Excellent first experience. Would highly recommend Billy." - Badisha

"I had a very good experience and felt   better and strongly recommend." - Raj R.

"Excellent massage!" - Ajita

"Great massage! Very thorough. It was a true 90 minute massage." - Adrienne

"The most incredible massage I've ever received! He's fully engaged, perceptive and meticulous. He's a genius!!!" - Peace

"Billy was fantastic. I work a lot at my computer and have had chronic back and neck pain, TMJ and tension headaches for 15 years. So I've had a lot of massages and this was by far the best experience I've ever had. Billy has a great intuition for the body, excellent technique and is very quiet and focused so that I could truly relax. I will most definitely go back!" - Corina

"This is not a 'pamper me' massage but true therapy. By the end I felt like I had been through a workout but the following day I had a range of motion that I hadn't had for years. I will definitely be back for more." - Deb

"Amazing, deep muscle work that really released long-time knots. Highly recommended." - Cheryl

"Amazing massage. Thank you. I've been having problems with my back, it feels wonderful after the massage I had with Billy yesterday! I will definitely book another massage soon." - Heidi

"An absolutely amazing experience! He really knows what he's doing and you leave feeling like a new person. Totally exceeded any expectation. I'll be going back for more for sure!" - Jerika

"Great deep tissue massage. Amazing music selection. The therapist is highly knowledgeable and accommodating. Booked another massage on the spot." - Dagmar

" Be prepared to be blown away. Billy knows what he is doing!" - Elisabeth

"Wonderful massage, worth every penny." - Edina

"The experience was one that I've been look for, for quite some time now. My interest is in having someone who genuinely cares. I found that in Billy and am looking forward to my next session with him. Great job, Billy!!!!" - Deborah

" It was a terrific massage! Normally massages only make me feel better for the rest of the day but this deep-tissue massage left me feeling better for a few days. I definitely plan to go back." - Christina

"Most amazing massage I have EVER had!" - Jeff

"Billy is a great therapist, it felt like a trained physical therapist was performing the massage."

- Raj

"Billy is an amazing massage therapist. It was the best professional massage I have ever had! He is very thorough and takes his time. My body felt great after the massage. Billy definitely has a healing touch! I highly recommend him." - Mercini

"One of the best massages I have gotten!" - Atiya

"Great massage. Very perceptive of individual needs." - Nathan

"Billy is very flexible with his techniques and is able to target your needs. Fabulous massage and I will be back!" - Yvonne

"Perfect!!! The right man in the right place. I would recommend him with full responsibility."

- Beata

"Great massage therapist. he checked in on pressure and made adjustments as needed, as well as focused on all the specific areas that I had asked (about)! Great massage." - Maria

"I highly recommend Billy! I've been looking for a therapist whom I would return to who can address my issues and Billy is it!" - Carrie

Client Testimonials

(from Groupon and YELP 2014-2016)



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